OROP Pension Table 2023 pdf Revision/Arrears Table Calculator

OROP Pension Table 2023 pdf. DSEW One Rank One Pension 2 Revision Table Calculator Latest News and Arrears to be paid from July 19 to July 22. One rank one pension, is a decision which is finally being brought into action by the union cabinet of the central government of India. The OROP implies that all the ex-servicemen shall be granted same amount of pension considering their time of service in the defence department and their rank. DESW – To cover this gap between the early retired servicemen and presently retired servicemen the authorities will revise the pay scale for all the ranks this year to ensure uniformity amongst all.

OROP Pension Table 2023

The concerned beneficiaries can refer to this article to know more about the revised OROP pension. The proposal to amend the provisions of ‘One Rank, One Pension’ for defence forces personnel and family pensioners was brought into action by the approval of Modi government on 30th December 2022. A number of Ex-servicemen had been demanding this to happen for a long time even though their requests were recorded by the Supreme court of India which are now finally being answered.

According to the OROP Scheme, the future pension of the Ex-servicemen pensioners would be based on the minimum and maximum averages of their pensions among retired officers in the Defence Forces in 2019 who had the same rank and length of service.

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One Rank One Pension Table 2023

The estimated annual expenditure for the implementation of the revision has been calculated as approx. Rs 8,450 crore @31% Dearness Relief (DR). Arrears w.e.f. July 01, 2019 to December 31, 2021 have been calculated as over Rs 19,316 crore based on DR @ 17% for the period from July 01, 2019 to June 30, 2021 and @31% for the period from July 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Arrears will be paid to the pensioners in quarterly instalments. However, all the family pensioners, including those already receiving Special or Liberalised Family Pension and Gallantry Award Winners, shall be paid arrears in one instalment. Arrears with effect from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2022, have been calculated at Rs 23,638 crore as per the applicable dearness relief. From the source we also inform that around 25 lakh pensioners will be benefited with the OROP decision of the government.

OROP Scheme 2023
OROP Scheme 2023

One Rank One Pension Calculator

Some highlights for the One rank one pension are stated below:

Name of the scheme One rank one pension
Brought into action by Modi government and union cabinet
In the interest of Ex-servicemen of the defence department
Article category One rank one pension revised list for year 2023
Final decision taken on 30th December 2022

OROP Calculator

Based on the calculation of average minimum and maximum pension of those servicemen who retired from the defence forces in the year 2018, the pension of the Ex-servicemen pensioners will be re-fixed and reconsidered that served under the same ranks. The scheme will also be applicable to army personnel who have retired till June 30, 2019. Based on the year 2015, the Government of India introduced the One Rank One Pension Scheme. as per the OROP scheme the decision will be reviewed every 5 years.in order to benefit the Ex-servicemen the government has spent around more than crores in the past years to bring the OROP in action.

The authorities have provided the revised rank wise list of pensions for the ex-servicemen. The list is stated below:

RANK Pension as in year 2016 Revised pension from 2019 Arrears from year 2019 till 2022
Sepoy 17,699 19,726 87,000
Naik 18,427 21,101 1,14,000
Havildar 20,066 21,782 70,000
Naib subedar 24,232 26,800 1,08,000
Sub. Major 33,526 37,600 1,75,000
Major 61,205 68,550 3,05,000
Lt. colonel 84,330 95,400 4,55,000
Colonel 92,855 1,03,700 4,42,000
Brigadier 96,555 1,08,800 5,05,000
Major general 99,621 1,09,100 3,90,000
Lt. general 1,01,515 1,12,050 4,32,000

One Rank One Pension Portal

Bringing the OROP into action for the retired servicemen did not happen without controversies. numerous disputes were seen in the way to bring the OROP scheme into action and over the details of the policy, including the definition of same rank and the methods used to calculate pensions. Some veterans also argued that the amount of pension being provided under OROP was still insufficient. Keeping all these controversies and disputes at bay the OROP policy has been a largely successful step in providing a more equitable system of pension payments to military personnel and their widows. It has also helped to improve the morale and well-being of retired military personnel by solving the financial difficulties they had to face in the past years.

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A tweet uploaded as a proof after the final decision by the respected prime minister of India, sh. Narendra Modi which stated that: Our military, engaged in the service of the nation, is a symbol of people’s pride. Our government committed to their welfare. Keeping this in mind, the Union Cabinet has approved pension revision under OROP for ex-servicemen and their families.” This tweet not only served its purpose regarding the work of Modi Government but also brought relief to the pensioners.

OROP Portal

Overall, the One Rank One Pension policy has resulted in becoming a significant achievement for the Indian government as well as for the military department by being able to address a longstanding issue that became a cause of massive frustration and resentment for many retired servicemen. The government of India has taken a welcoming and appreciable step to resolve the most controversial issue implementing the One Rank One Pension OROP Scheme 2023. It a massive relief for pensioners, especially those who felt that their needs neglected.

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36 thoughts on “OROP Pension Table 2023 pdf Revision/Arrears Table Calculator”

  1. The following points are narrated for consideration by the GOI, Min of Def, Department of pay & pensions to Defence pensioners:- 1. Before 3rd CPC, 75 percent of basic pay was paid as pensions to JCOs, NCOs and ORs and 30 Percy to officers.
    2. JCOs are Class II Gazetted officers based on Gazette Notification and Central Government orders and instructions on this issue. Hence JCOs of Indian Army and equivalent ranks in Navy and Air Force should be given full pay, perks and pensions at par with equivalent ranks or Designation of Central Government Class II Gazetted Officers and not repeat not Class 3 Central Government Employees pay, perks and pensions. 3. Vast disparities in Military Service Pay (MSP) between Officers, JCOS and Other Ranks viz 15,500 per month to officers, 10,400 per month to MNS Officers and 5200 per month to JCOS, NCOS and OR. It should be either equal to all ranks of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel or in a equal ratio and proportions amongst officers, JCOs and ORs 4. Vast disparities in disability pension amongst officers, JCOs and ORs. It should be either equal at par or in a equal ratio and proportions. 5. Last basic pay i.e. maximum pay of JCOs and ORs giving weightage in service for consideration of pensions may please be restored as was done in 6th CPC in order to protect their pensions at par with Defence Officers because of early retirement between age groups 38 to 47 based on terms of engagement of JCOs, NCOs and ORs . Officers used to retire between age groups 54 to 60 and further they are being given 2 years sheltered employment in Defence installation.

  2. Instead of growing upwards and it is decreasing shows that it will hamper the existing living conditions. Ofcourse the method will be not successful and it will have to closure and follow old method

  3. Dear sir I have pension on 30/9/2007 my bisic is 18427/- the revise rate shown in 20967/ you post in 210101/ there difference sir

    • SC ने सरकार ला दिलेल्या नर्देशाप्रमाणे दि 15मार्च पर्यंत orop चे arrears देय होते परंतु आजपर्यंत कित्येक तरी माजी सैनिकांना तसेच सैनिक विधवा ना एक रुपया मिळाला नाही

  4. What about for ranks not included in OROP table e. g Sub those retired after Jun 2014 and are getting pension approximately Rs 2000 less than the retirees retired upto Jun 2014.

  5. OROP2, ME Pensioned from Navy after 15,4/12 months as petty officer my present basic is 19404,add d r. How much would be my increased basic in orop2. Which is not shown here.

    • You will be consider as 15 yrs service only.Calculation is 15-15.6 and 16 yrs. You have completed service less than 15.6.Ur service will be consinder as 15 yrs.Ex MAA Prakash

  6. It is a vy great job indeed.Our Primy Minister Modi Ji’s Government has done excellent job for ex-servicemen Thanks Jaihind.

  7. GRATEFULLY SALUTE H.E. NaMo TEAM living up to its Promise . WHY ONLY THE LAND-SEA-AIR WARRIORS ; every SON of the SOIL will DO or Let those
    die dogs’ death
    Should such
    DARE VENTURE INTO conducting themselves as ‘Guns’ of the spoilt soils

  8. A mere increase in the pension in respect of Sepoy, Naik & Havildar which is less than 2000/- is felt inadequate keeping the length of service and the cost of living. Request reconsider.

  9. OROP Pension table
    २०२३ have lot of irregularities Most of the ranks like Sub, Hony Nb Sub, Sub/Sub Maj Hony Lt & Hony Capt have not been included in the table.OROP revision should be for all Army Ranks and not for the particular ranks, This is nothing else than making fool, and nothing else than to shed crocodial years.

  10. I am Sub Maj Durga Kumar Ojha. As per Sparsh, there is no change in my pension and hence we are not getting any OROP revision as per message received from PCDA (Sparsh). As per table, a sum of Rs 1,75,000 shown as arrears for Sub Maj. It is not understood to me.

  11. मेरी माताजी की मूल पेंशन 19076 है वहां विशेष पारिवारिक पेंशन पति थी उनकी मृत्यु 11 मई 2022 को हो गई है मैं उनका मात्र एक उत्तराधिकारी हूं कृपा kripya bataen ki unke uttradhikari ko Kitna over OP 2 ka arrear milega ya nahin

    • Subedar 28 year 24 day service they have no benefit why they don’t have benefit in orop .
      They are not entitled to get any benefit why?

  12. It is true that 3% Officers have been given maximum benefits; thus denying the remaining 97% without any actual expected increment in pensionary benefits.
    Request Government should revise the OROP with including personal below officer rank in the review committee.

  13. I m Sub Kailash chandar Sharma from AOC retired on 31.10.2003 after completion of ser 26y 4m 6days pl intimate me what basic should be for me pl.

  14. There is a disparity shown in OROP2, as MACP is not considered for all the personnels pre 2016. This disparity to be closed and all should be given MACP irrespective of the period.

  15. I am an ex navy reservist pensioner, located at Dehradun, why such a segregation in the defence services.
    Will the MOD look into this problem sooner and give some relief to us under orop.

  16. Sub N RAVI VARMA
    Why Sub rank was not included in the OROP table , is there any reason ? They aren’t eligible to be get OROP ?

  17. JCOs have already got sufficient increase of pension in in salary and pension during fifth and subsequent pay commissions/revisions. But for other ranks the difference between ranks are very less. For eg. Sepoy and Naik, Naik and Havildar. But Havildar to Naik is huge difference which is injustice. Havildar to JCO promotion is behind considered taking into account the prevailing vacancy in that particular trade in the unit/battalion. Means actually the last rank of the OR is Havildar as everyone may not be getting chance of becoming JCO due to lack of vacancy in his trade. So Havildars to be paid more. Not JCOs who are already getting enough payment. It’s a British way of confering JCOs rank by Rashtrapati which is continueing even after independence, the logic is not understood as it is only a promotion from Havildar to Naib subedar purely considering vacancy in that trade. Some occasions more senior NCOs can not get chance for promotion due to lack of vacancy in their trade. Maximimun number of Havildars take retirement after 22 years without getting promotion. So Havildars are to get maximum benefits as this is the last rank of OR.

  18. Sub Vijay kumar It is noticed that a rank subedar is not included in orop2.whyignore this rank whenevever almost subedar have done lengthy service of 30 years. What is reason ? This is totally not fair decision .

  19. There is no arrears of orop 2 revesion in the list for Hon.comissioned officer HFO&Hfl .Are they not eligible for orop 2 revesion . This is not clear & understood .Govt .must look into this aspect .

  20. I am retired Sub Maj 2001 and have received a message from SPARSH that there is no revision in my pension even the table shows a difference

    what will be my OROP -2 ARREARS as a major equavalent is shown as 3lakhs


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